Forklift Battery Stealth Watering Kit (24 Cell System for 48 Volts)

Forklift Battery Stealth Watering Kit  (24 Cell System for 48 Volts)
Item# forklift-battery-stealth-watering-kit--24-cell-system-for-48-v2448

Product Description

It makes battery watering safe, easy and affordable and is perfect for installations of 5 to 25 batteries. The Stealth Watering System ™ is the best watering system on the market for small to medium duty battery applications. The Stealth Watering System ™ is a float-based, single-point watering system that precisely fills all battery cells to the same level simultaneously. The Stealth Watering System ™ incorporates many unique features that make it the best in its class and the most convenient to install:

Fastest tubing installation: Push-fit tubing ports– a unique design feature– make tubing installation fast, easy and secure. Secure tubing by simply pushing tubing into ports. Tubing is released by pushing on white collar.

Widest operating pressure range: Operating pressure range of 3 to 45 psi.

Abuse-resistant tubing: The system tubing is kink- and crush-resistant. With a small bend radius, it fits the smallest cells easily, including 5- and 7-plate batteries.

1-Stealth Watering System™ valve per cell

1-water input & filter assembly

1- coil of clear PVC tubing – one foot of tubing per cell

5-black polypropylene cable ties

1-instruction booklet

2-end plugs

The Stealth Watering System ™ is designed to sit lower than the intercell connectors when installed on a battery. This means reduced damage from the battery’s cables as they move across the top of the battery.